Can someone tell me which folder i use to mod FALLOUT4

I need help so I have been like using all the fallout folders and even the one where the game is

soooo plz help

If Infinity dont detect your game you need to select the folder where you installed Fallout 4

well I have an folder called rhetts stoof so that is where I put it like once I installed it went to desktop so I put it in the folder I just said

and it did not work

so your telling me I have to use the main fallout 4 folder.

Yes you should use the installation folder for Fallout 4.

By the way, where did you get Fallout 4? Steam/Retail/Cracked?

I got cracked… oh and I got it working so Thank ya

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oh and good luck on beta testing

No problem, enjoy Infinity :wink:

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