Can these games be modded / save exploited?

I got a bunch of arcade games on my console I would love to complete before I erase them. Most of the games I have I have been doing legit, I just started using this site because some of these games…well they just suck, haha. One of them I could really care less about is “FEZ.” I can’t get into it, I don’t like it. Another one is “Brain Challenge”, I’ve done a little bit legit so far, but also another game I don’t really care for. I’ll list a few that I have and I’ll also keep a look out for people requesting games I have completed already if I still have the saves for them. Also willing to work on some legit if anyone wants to, just pm me.

Arcade Games:
Brain Challenge, Crimson Alliance, Dead Space Ignition, Defense Grid, Earthworm Jim HD, FEZ, From Dust, Greed Corp, Hexic HD, Insanely Twisted: SP, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Metal Slug 3, Monaco, Ms. Splosion Man, MvC Orgins, Tetris Splash, and KOF2002UM.

Have you downloaded the program and seen what we have? I’d recommend it
Also if your looking for game saves go to

Horizon? Yeah I did. I’ve been playing with it. I completed a few games using it but I’m still learning how to use it. But thanks for the site, I was looking at other sites and some of them had the games I needed but the PS3 version of it.

You should search up “Game name here Save Editor.” on Google, you might find many Save editors that you might be able to mod.

Already tried that Candy, not for all the games of course…but mainly for the ones I really hate the most. Hexic HD, all I could find was old expired stuff, and the 2 profiles I found that were still able to be downloaded…couldn’t get into the password. I think Earthworm Jim is prob one that will have to be legit also because of the way the achievements are.

what up lotus family… i seriously doubt it ninja, i got dozens of those arcade games on my console as well and i’ve been searching for years, have yet to find any type of editor or anything mod related for them, shame too cause on pc they actually came with cheat mods, in the menu itself! but unfortunately when it comes to console all the one’s i’ve ever seen are literally just direct arcade ports, with nothing extra.

Whoop whoop fam, and yeah I figured so. I’m sure some of them are possible with patience and the right tools / brains, haha. A lot of my games I did legit. I have completed over 150. I had to use a crackdown save for the stunt markers… I was missing one and I spent almost 2 years looking for it. I restarted it three times. I also did FFXIII for the treasure hunter… My save data got deleted on accident. And I used it on limbo because… well it was limbo, come on. But I appreciate the replies at least people put some effort into telling me stuff. I’ll keep my data for the games if I do complete in case people find a way I’ll already have them done.

Sorry to bring this post back up, it has been a bit. I found a save for Brain Challenge that has everything but I can’t seem to get it to unlock any of the last 3 achievements I need. Idk if anyone has an idea what I may have to do in order for it to work, or if it doesn’t have the same type of unlock system as other games.

Hi I’m having a similar problem with a few games. Brain Challenge is the biggest one. Can you link me to the save please? Want to see if I can unlock anything with it :smile:

Really wish someone would make a save editor for it

why bump this thread ? mong

use a hex editor nobody will go through the hassle of making an editor for a 8 year old arcade game that only a small amount of people own