Can we have a trainer for the game Volzerk?

Volzerk is a “free” game (with mine transactions) from Steam and I really loved this game!! It’s very good!! I would like to know if we could have a trainer for him with some (or some) below:

God Mode
Multiply Atk
Multiply Def
Multiply XP
Coins Multiplier
Do not use items/Item not consumed

(or something else that would be possible for this game, if it could have something to cross the monsters and they come out with S skills would be so good!)

ps: It’s my first post in the community, I don’t know if I asked or did it right. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

ps2: sorry for possible mistakes in English, my native language is not English xD

New trainers are added based on game and platform popularity among our users. Please follow the game in WeMod by clicking Notify Me on the game’s page. If it is popular enough, a trainer will be added if possible.