Can we please you'll be able to use Midnight Club Los Angeles because that's a fun game

Can we be able to mod Midnight Club Los Angeles

Wow, this is a game i though i never heard about again xD
Im sure the dev`s can make something.

But could you write down some suggestions on the options for the trainer that you had in mind :slight_smile:

Thank you

There is really No purpose or benefit in making a tool for MCLA (aka MC4 by extracted save data).
Reasons being #1 Age, and #2 it is fully Hex Moddable and does not even require Diamond (unlike FM4/FH1) for extraction to mod.
I got fully bored by that title long ago as I had created and revised every possible Mod in that game. Everything from Multi layered layered body parts/kits (made 55 Belair a legit 48 Bel Air) , to speed mods, and even the first “Total Abys” sticky mod (100% immovable even with a superbrick, created it’s own gravitational field that could not be jumped with a motorcycle) and more that I have forgotten than anyone else has ever figured out.

That and due to already mentioned age the servers and Map had begun to deteriorate to the extent there was LITERALLY holes in the BG textures of the map beginning to form in certain areas…like being in a GTA V wall breach–you could see a long distance across and under the map.

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Just get save lol this game is old and saves for PC, Xbox, PS3 are everywhere