Can we see a atlas trainer :)

would be amazing and helpful too

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Isn’t ATLAS an MMO? If so, the answer is probably a massive no. Trainers are for offline use only.

Edit: Yep, it’s an MMO. (

Edit 2: Unless you meant another game that’s called “ATLAS レジェンドパック”, which is only available in the Japanese language (, then you can vote for that trainer here: :slight_smile:

It has a singleplayer mode

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I see. As long as single player isn’t server sided like the rest of the game is, then it’s probably possible. :slight_smile:

Server sided? Familiarize me with this terminology when you have the time please and thanks.

Sure thing, good sir. :slight_smile:
In general, there are are two main types of games:

  • Client-sided: Operations that are run on the user’s/client’s personal computer (or console).
    — For example, a single-player game that runs entirely from the player’s computer, entirely from that computer’s memory.
    — Examples: Playing The Sims directly from a disc or downloading Bioshock from Steam onto your computer memory.

  • Server-sided: Operations that are run on a web server elsewhere.
    — For example, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game via the internet, which is running on a server which is often hundreds to thousands of miles away from the player.
    — Examples: Playing Forge of Empires via a web browser or playing Fortnite via the Epic Games client.

Trainers simply won’t work on server-sided games (but trying to use a trainer on a server-sided game will usually get you automatically banned by anti-cheat bots, even though it doesn’t even work). The game has to be run entirely from the player’s computer (aka client-sided) for a trainer to be able to work on the game.


Thank you bunches! :smile: I greatly appreciate the clarification, now when someone contacts me asking for an explanation on different platforms or such, I will have new helpful information to share with them. Thanks!

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