Can you chance console ID on disc installed data?

I’ve run into cases where sticking my HDD/USB in a different console made it so the installed games from disc (installed from dashboard and recent games that actually require install data) ceased to function until being reinstalled. It’s completely ridiculous they’d lock disc data to the ID of the console it’s being installed on when it requires the disc to run it anyway. Can Horizon (or anything) resign these files with a different console ID so I wont have to reinstall them and wear out another DVD drive for no reason? My DVD drive started buzzing, so I’ll be sticking this HDD in another console soon.

Installed game packages have to be signed with the console’s certificate that they’re being used on. This differs from saved game packages which can be signed by any console’s certificate. So the only way you can get it to work is if you have your key vault.

I’ve always wanted to JTAG a console to grab the key vault, un-JTAG it, and then be able to edit any files in the installed game packages. It’s like ISO modding without a disc.

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