Can you do a ps4 tool?

Dear makers of horizon and infinity can you do a ps4 gaming tool? Hope you will do it thanks

No, they can’t.

As far as I know the only exploit that anyone has been able to accomplish is running linux on it but other than that there isn’t much else that is modifiable at this time. Regardless at this time we aren’t interested in looking into PS4.

@Chris The linux on PS4 is an extension of having a kernel exploit which gives you almost full access to the system once you patch root credentials. There is a lot that is modifiable actually since you can then patch the kernel.

A PS4 save tool should be possible since you can copy saves to USB (which implies that the encryption keys are not console specific, however, could be profile specific).

Regardless, we will not be making one (if you are wondering why),_Inc._v._Hotz.


can you do SaveWizard alternative?