Can you get banned for unlocking cheevos?

Was curious. I wanted to do it for the Gears of War games. Can you do this with horizon?

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You can be banned for modding achievements. You usually get a gs reset first though.

And yes, you can unlock achievements using horizon but you will need a diamond subscription to access that feature. You can purchase it at

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I understand the diamond. I had it a long time ago. Ty

And you said you can get banned? How does one get banned ? And it a account or console ban?

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I think you will get a gs reset and maybe a short temp ban the first time you get caught. Not sure what happens the second or third time though, I guess something more serous, possibly perm ban eventually.

And I don’t know how microsoft detects modders, just be carefull and read some tips other users have posted here.

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I see. Possible to link me to tips ?

Are you absolutely sure I won’t get console banned ? I could just test it on fake accounts. For testing

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Bans will always depend on what you have done and how you went about it. If you change the colour of your avatar you’re just asking for trouble. If you unlock a ridiculous amount of gamerscore in a short period you are also asking for trouble.
Slow and steady is usually the best way to go about unlocking achievements but there is never a guarantee that you won’t come undone somewhere down the track.
It can be years before something might bring you to microsoft’s attention but you will still be banned.
Just remember - If you’re willing to commit the crime, be prepared to do the time…

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So it’s 100% they will ban u even if you only did one achievement. ?

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Its always a chance of being banned. Most likely will they just ban your achievements if they find it out.
However, many i know have gotten away with it.

So its an risk. Are you willing to take it?

Btw, depending on if you unlock the achievement offline or online with the editor.
Would have an impact on how big the risk is.

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Yes I would only do it offline.
What do you think. If I only did one achievement offline

Chance of me getting banned?
You said you have friends that did it ?and never got banned
I am willing to take the risk

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You can but don’t go over so 30k in a month and have playtime on the game

I got banned for playing offline and going online to get the achievements to synch to don’t do that.

Just do one game at a time like GOW1 then a week later do GOW2

You can pay for it but there are other tools that are made for the reasons that you need

Up to you what you choose

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Alright. You got banned for playing offline then going online ? When u did that did they unlock all at the same time ?

And what tools r u referring too? Can horizon not do it?

Its always a chance.
But its not likely.
Therefore i say, you have to take the risk.

My friends never got banned as far i know. Ive tried it also on another account i own.
Non of those are banned. But even we are not banned dont mean you wont get banned.

So as i said, its always a chance of getting banned. IF you are fine by that. Go ahead :wink:

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Alright. How many cheevos would u say is some what safe. And how long to wait to do it again ?

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Just try some hundred everyday. Maybe more.

Yes thats what i did and got banned but tools like Horizon and Other tool i can’t reference the tool because they don’t like other tools i guess so play it safe

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Have a think about when the achievements should normally unlock during regular game play.
Don’t unlock them out of order, Don’t unlock them straight away if they will obviously take some time to unlock “normally” and just use some good old common sense.
Just remember, if YOU choose to break the rules then don’t YOU go having a big cry about it when YOU get caught. Sorry, not trying to put the fear of god into you, just don’t want you to get angry/upset if you do happen to get caught.
On the other hand mate, go for it and just remember that there can be consequences for your actions but if you don’t get to carried away you will be OK.

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I’ve been gamerscore reset but have never been banned for it. They just wiped all the achievements I had unlocked up until that point (legit & modded) and I’m never allowed to unlock those achievements again. Hope that clears it up for you.

IMO, not worth it for a number

Thats true. But hey, who really care about achievements?

The best reaction of having a high score is “cool dude” or something along those lines.

Or You’re a “No life”

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Then the feels are hurt :cold_sweat: