Can you Jtag a USB?

Ok I know very little about Jtag’s but i have heard you can jtag a usb, is that true?

No lol

So the numerous youtube tut’s are B.S.?

Yes, you can jailbreak a PS3 with a USB though.

You can JTAG WITH a USB.
But not what you stated.


You can Jailbreak a ps3 using USB.

But tbh the way you put this is like FacePalm

EDIT: Elliot didnt see what you put but its true yes most are B.S

You have to have a specific kernel console.
Google “King Kong Xbox 360 exploit”.
Allowing to run Linux and such.

So you can pretty much enable homebrew (JTAG) your console with a USB flash drive.

Lol I just don’t know to much about Jtag’s and Jtagging.

Will i still be able to go online normally or not.

That defeats the whole purpose of the JTAG.

Well what can i do and still go online?

Well if its jtaged, you can get banned for going online with it, and you can play backups and homebrews

Edit: also why is this in the jtag tut section?


THe jtag has to be made using LPT or a hard wired connection only updates can be done soley through USB

You can run unsigned codes for online but it’s pretty much useless now that KV’s get banned fast. But you should use it for the intended purpose of modding offline and researching how games are developed and try editing the code within the game.