Can you not loot chests same week on different raid difficulty?

i was doing the raid on hard, after beating it on easy this week, and when we got past the first part to go to the chest, it didn’t give anyone who beat it on normal anything?

i checked my tracker and doesnt say it was looted on hard

Only chest that works on hard if you got it on normal is the one to the left in the gorgon maze.

so on the tracker where it shows bosses looted, its not any of the chests, jut the stuff you get from finishing that part?

Not sure. From what I’ve heard, if you play on Hard difficulty first, you get both the hard loot & normal loot in the same run.

I would make a thread on the destiny reddit though and ask. Much bigger destiny community there.

If you only do hardmode you get the loot from normal and hard so its double the loot.