Can You Reset a xbox 360 slim HDD on your computer

well at least a few months ago i was playing my xbox, then while i was playing “Grand Theft Auto V” my Hard Drive Fell Out of my System, + my game was installed to the HDD as well, after that happen i turned my system on then the system freezes at the xbox 360 intro on start up, but if i unplug the HDD and turn it back on it works perfectly,
now that i found my old transfer cable for my xbox to usb i wanted to know if was a solution to reset the HDD so it can work again, is there a solution ?

You can use fatxplorer to look into your hdd on your computer. However I don’t know if it will fix it.

yes. Open device manager in windows and format it to FAT32

if u have your gta 5 game saved on your harddrive then when u un plug it it will take u out of the game so u should leave your hard drive in when your playing it or move your gta 5 save the the system not your hard drive :smiley: