Can you still mod gamer score?

Iv bought an Xbox one and wanting to get a bit of gamer score by using the horizon tool.
If I create a new account on my Xbox 360 can I use the tool to mod the gamer score then take the account over to my Xbox one ?


Yes you can.

which programs will I need?

Is there a tutorial on extracting gamer tag, using le fluffie and putting my on my Xbox?

Just after a tutorial of theses on floating around


Please utilize the forum search feature as you will find all your answers quicker then waiting on members to respond usually. You will only need Horizon to mod your gamerscore. Be careful as Microsoft will reset it to 0 when they catch you so don’t go crazy.

You can use Horizon to extract your profile.

Just drag it from the device explorer to your desktop. You’re going to need Horizon anyways so you can rehash & resign your profile after you’ve made modifications.

To rehash & resign, just drag your profile back from your desktop into the gray area of Horizon, and click the red button that says Save, Rehash & Resign.

Be very careful how much and how often you unlock.

Does le fluffie still work, if so where is a working link?

Is there some similar ?

Just noticed a thread said you don’t need le fluffie because horizon has its own game adder tool, do I need anything else or does horizon just have everything?

Last time I used a game added (le fluffie), I need to download a game adding folder which a lot of games files so then I could add the games that was, does horizon not need this feature ? Are the games already attached to the horizon app so I don’t need to download anything extra?


Yeah, you don’t need anything extra with Horizon, it adds the games automatically

You need to be a diamond member to use both the game adder and achievement unlocker.

I think you need to be a diamond member to mod your gamerscore.

I’m aware you need diamon to use the features.

Just wondering. If there’s a step by step guide using horizan ONLY including adding games and unlocking achiements?

Iv searched the web but the only guides I could find are using more than 2 programs but I only want to use horizan as both the game adder and unlocker


In Horizon, you can add the games you want from the in-program list. Then go right to the achievement unlocker or avatar award unlocker and start unlocking. No need for another program!

I know I’m not asking for another programme just asking for a tutorial as all the tutorials I find include using other programmes

Velocity can do absolutely everything you need it to and it’s free.

Although, I’m not sure if it was updated to work for the new USB format. So you might need Horizon for that.

right Iv done the everything and got 43k Gamerscore

redownloaded my profile and still got the 43k and signed into xbox live fine

If microsoft do reset my gamerscore will how long will it take for them to notice and revert me back to Zero/0?

Im going to leave it until tonight and then after work sign in and if everything is still sound I will transfer to my xbox one.

SO yeh how long would it take them to revert me back to zero if the were to do so? Usually straight away or?


If you unlocked 43k all at once, you’re most likely going to get reset soon. Like I said earlier, you need to be very careful how much and how often you unlock. I wouldn’t do more than 1k a day.

Although, no matter if you unlock a single 5GS achievement or 100k worth, you’re still at risk to get reset and there’s really no telling how long it will take. I carefully unlocked only achievements I was missing, and the amount was under 1k, and I got reset to 0 six months later.

And I call bull… you must have done something else, there is no way they caught you for a couple points but sure, keep on your scare tactics like in all threads regarding this subject

I’m not trying to use scare tactics… Yes, I did mod offline only achievements, under one thousand gamerscore, using legitimate looking timestamps, and yes, I was reset six months later.

Every time I say something about it, you and Chris jump down my throat calling me a BS’er. So this time I just told him what he needed to download to mod his score and went about my business. When he asked what the risks are, I told him. Get off my nuts.

I second this.
I myself was reset even tho i did do legit looking everything.
A few months later i lost everything in my 360.
So yes regardless if you are cautious they will find you and they will reset you.
Just a matter of time. :confused:

I don’t know if I would necessarily say they are going to find you regardless. I had over 65k modded GS on one account and had it for 6-7 years before it got banned for doritos crash course modding. I only modded 2-3 achievements a day and I owned all the games and would play them before or after modding though which might have helped.

I had another one that I modded to 150k overnight and it took around 2 years for them to reset. I think more than anything people just need to understand modding does come with a risk and you should be willing to potentially lose everything you have on that account including the account.