Cannot Change File Path

Hi, my issue is with XCOM 2. I’ve set a file path already to my game, and I can’t change it–it’s the incorrect one, and is trying to run the wrong executable each time I start up
I want to be able to change this to the proper executable. Reinstalling has done nothing for me, it seems to use the same data as before–all my games (deus ex, fallout shelter, xcom 2) are still there and it won’t let me change the file path.

you can’t select the wrong one, try launching the game first and hit start game once it is running

No, there are multiple executables. It chose the wrong one and is launching a different version of the game. It’s launching in Russian. I have one that starts in English, but it started in the one that starts me off in Russian. I need to change to the English one. (Yes, I own the game, just a different version.)

It seems my issue is that I need it to actually launch through the launcher as opposed to the game itself.

Like Hawk said. It can’t launch the wrong version. The game has NO russian exe. It should only have 1. If you have the game cracked that will be the problem. Workaround would be to delete all russian loc. but that can break the game.
Again. It’s not infinitys fault. Your game files are at fault

If you have it in Russian, Just change the language in Game (If you can) i’ve never played the game so i’m not to sure maybe you can in the local game files

Well you can change it by deleting infinity files (use the ICDV tool - - ICDV2.bat - ) then install infinity again and the folders should be reset.