Cannot Login Software

When I open infinity and click start game it says I must be logged in or create an account. I close the popup and click login up top, it opens browser and shows I’m already logged into the browser. ive tried logging out of browser and logging back in, but nothing changes. still says I need to login or create an account when I open the app. also when signed into the browser, Chrome and Edge, when I click open infinity, nothing happens.

Have you tried to clear all the BROWSER cache, as well as cookies, just to troubleshoot this process ? What happens, if you use Firefox ?

First, try to fully log out of INFINITY, and then try to login again. For CHROME, look for the Clear browsing data setting.

If need be, try to fully reinstall and download INFINITY from scratch.

Edit:: This could also be a browser protocol issue.

Chris answered you in another thread you posted in.

Hi, try using the latest version of Infinity. I may have fixed the issue.

Didn’t work for Edge, but it work on Chrome. I’m on Windows 10 64 bit. Not sure why the app and Edge aren’t communicating. Thanks

Glad to hear that it worked at least. Has anybody else had issues with Edge? It works fine on my end.

my browser won’t open at all for it

What browser?