App Horizon

Cannot transfer "unknown profile files"


I have been trying to transfer a file to my USB, but it gives the error “item cannot be transferred between profiles”. The file I am actually trying to transfer is my old Minecraft world. The account got deleted because of a corrupted USB and now the world is just lost in the save files of the Xbox 360 universe. Now it caught my attention and I am trying to transfer it but it gives the same error.

I have tried every solution, but I cannot take out the hard disk from my Xbox because there IS no hard disk in my Xbox and I do not own that transfer thingy from Microsoft. So please suggest any other solution.


Recover the profile that you deleted to the console is the way


How do you recover an offline account?


well just move the files to usb and change the id in horizon to match the new profile. usually you can still move the files if you don’t own them but it states something about not being able to earn gamerscore on the new profile. if cant move It try copy it to usb


Can your account be banned, if so do you know how long until it is gonna be banned