Can't Change My Privacy Settings?

I’ve never had a problem downloading mature-rated games, but I can’t seem to download Halo 5’s Beta because of my privacy setting (I thought I had Fixed It When I Got My Xbox One)

Whenever I got to Privacy and Online Safety, there isn’t any options to select, it just gives me a description of the tab. No options to change.

Can anyone help?

(Xbox Support Was Shiat)

EDIT: Well I guess I don’t have a parental account? So I’m not sure if I’m even able to change my settings at all.

What’s the DOB associated with your account? Is there any way you could alter the date of birth associated with the account to show that you’re over the age of eighteen? I’d recommend accessing your Xbox Live account/Outlook email address and seeing if you can somehow do that.

If there are parental locks on the account, it should automatically promote you to have parental permissions once you prove that you’re over the age of eighteen. I’m going to presume you’ve already tried doing this though…