Can't change trainer for gta v

I downloaded the gta trainer in wemod, after an hour, I saw that there is a better trainer in wemod, but I can’t change it because it shows me: we’re having trouble starting of finding your opened game. In the previous trainer everything worked, I can’t change to any other gta trainer in wemod.

try lunching the game normal then alt tab and start it treu trainer you want helps for me some times

Hello and welcome to the community @azmer2501. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that you bought the game from Steam, for which we have three trainers for.

MrAntiFun’s trainer is the most up to date for this game. The other two trainers, one by STN and one by Unknown_V2, are out of date and will most likely not work with your copy of the game. STN and Unknown_V2 are retired from WeMod.

If you bought the game from Epic Games (or got it there free when it was free for a week) then you will need to use the trainer designed for the Epic Games version of GTA5, for which we only have one of at this time.

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