Can't download Horizon

So I tried to download horizon so I can mod but it says download error, help?

Note: I used google chrome and firefox

Help please :disappointed_relieved:

The download works fine for me. Do you have any anti-virus that could be blocking the download? You should disable any av and firewall and let us know if you are still having trouble.

No my malwarebytes and Avast don’t block the download, it’s just when I click download it downloads but when its at the end it says Download failed - Error

Like I said, it downloaded fine for me so the problem must be on your end. Disable avast and download horizon again.

Of course it blocks. It just does not bother to tell you it did. Antiviruses are known to do that.

Hey, Every time i try to download horizon, it downloads and get to a installing bar then it says failure! installation for horizon has failed. PLEASE HELP! :’(

Hello, Broth3rgunnz22 please click here: to download horizon.

I know that you said that you have got an error but can you be more specific? Does it say anything else than just ‘download error’

Looking around on the web, there are some solutions here:!topic/chrome/YXIOeh38on0

Hope this helps, if you need anything just ask :wink:

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@snake I listened to your advice and it worked. Thanks alot!