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Can't download music

Got this new 6 plus and so far I like it but I cant click a download link on a song without it sending me to another tab with a play button to play the song it also never downloads how can I get this to work? I’ve downloaded music from that site on my s5 by saving the link but I can’t find that option on this phone

To be blunt, it’s an iPhone. You aren’t allowed to do anything to it or do anything malicious. If you’re running the latest iOS you’ll probably have to downgrade it, resulting in loss of features, and then do a jailbreak.

I thought you can’t downgrade no more?

I highly doubt this is a security measure so I’d ignore the above posters. Name your application you are using and the site/method you are trying More in detail

Sorry for the late reply

I get my music from MP3Skull and Save the download link to get the song on my S5 but I can’t find that option on this phone…I didn’t know there was application needed

Yeah you can’t do that to my knowledge. Why not just download the music onto your PC then move it to your phone? That is way easier, plus you can download way more.


You can’t just download music from websites to your iphone.

You need an app for it or you need to jailbreak.

Just do it on your PC.

lol I’ll do that when I get home

Jailbreak it and get LinkTunes. Free music for days.

Why would I jailbreak a $750 phone…I’ll do what pav said and move the music from my pc to my phone

What does money have to do with it.

iPhones are so limited without jailbreaks, trust me, the stuff you can do with it is amazing. Completely unlocks the phones full potential.

Jailbreak voids the warranty and money isn’t a problem for me so I’ll just do what pav said…

Ehh pav do what your best at and close this thread lol or not idc

Sure it voids the warranty but you can restore it if you need to return it or something… it doesn’t permanently void it. Jailbreaking is awesome and allows so much more customization. Anyways, closing this now.