Can't drag any items into horizon,

Anyone know why? Have deleted re-downloaded, ran as admin still nothing is working am getting a greyed out circle with a line through the middle.:help:

Are you trying to drag them into Horizon or the device explorer?

Also, please take a picture if you can, it will help me look better into your issue and know exactly what is happening for this to cause. :smile:

Try and leave it on the program for a few seconds this should work if not then your computer could just be a little glitchy.

maybe your computer doesn’t support drag & drop.


Dragging a extracted item from the desktop into horizon is what I am trying to do, I’ve used is several

Ok, but once you drag it in… what does the message say?

Is it possible for you to take a image? if so, that would be great.

Don’t run as admin and it will work fine.

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I too am having the same issue. You see that fixes it but it will not read my HDD if I do not run as admin.

If you can’t drag a file into a device explorer it’s most likely your UAC, on the windows search bar type in “user account control”, Once you’ve found that drag the arrow right the way down then restart your computer to save changes, should look like this:

Turn UAC down, Just search UAC in the start menu, click it and drag it to the lowest setting.

hey guys, i’m on windows 8, using latest version of horizon. i am unable to drag/drop files and i have tried disabling uac and running NOT as admin, but still can’t drag/drop. any other suggestions?

Trying using the default windows 8 theme and make sure you have net framework 3.5 and higher installed.

yes, as you said, I just have made that now, and now IT WORKS. thank you very much. Peace.

Even tho this is 5 years old.
@Chris. @STN. Lock it up

At least this time it was a post about something working and not about a 6 year old link being dead etc…

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Glad to hear that