Cant Edit Game Id's

Hi I just downloaded a game and i want to witch all the ID’s to mine but the whole box is showing up gray and it wont let me edit any of the ID’s ( Package Manager ) any help would be great thank you.

Yeah it is meant to be grayed out, changing it does nothing. You will not be able to pirate games by changing the profile id, microsoft isn’t that ■■■■■■■ stupid. There are flashed drives, drive emulators and modded (jtag/rgh/etc) consoles if you want to pirate games.

And yeah, there are are a couple of games that can be “pirated” since they were released drm-free but very few.

So you don’t waste numerous hours trying to get games and DLC to work don’t bother changing IDs on anything other that game saves that you want to use on your own gamertag.