Can't edit Profile ID in Horizon NEED HELP

title says all i try to put my profile id and device id to minecraft but i cant edit it

Did you save/rehash ?

i have open my profile and the minecraft file at the same time and when i try to paste my profile id and device id i cant paste it in the minecraft file i cant edit anything

Because i don’t think you can edit minecraft stuff…

Forgive me if i am wrong. :worried:

I don’t have minecraft,but it’s a indie game and I’m pretty sure it is t just a save for indie games, meaning you can’t change the id’s

ok i will try it without editing but when i see it on my HDD its says corruptet so i must put my id in it but i dont know any other way

What are you trying to do with the save?

Is it someone else’s save and you want to use it as your own?

no its the full game that i downloaded but when i put it on my xbox its says corruptet file

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Ok open your save>extract to desktop>Open it in the modding tool>Save it when done>Delete your old save> Drag and drop your modded save into horizon> Save to your devise> rehash and resign>take out your usb put it in your xbox and have fun ! :wink:

he’s trying to install the whole game. He downloaded it off the web and wants it on his xbox.

All Xbox LIVE market place items are strong signed, meaning that Microsoft signed the package with a private key. Since no one has the key, no one can edit the game packages besides Microsoft, this includes changing the IDs.

You can’t edit Xbox Live items.

hey bro i think i can help you as i just had the same issue, this might be your problem as well

you have two files your working with, one is your gamertag’s profile, the other is the game file you want to move to your xbox, the information on the game is what you want to be editing, not your profile.

hope this helps

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