Can't find game

i cant play "paint the town red"with wemod , beacause , wemod cannot find the game,I deleted it from steam and installed it again,I also deleted wemod and reinstalled it again,Still can’t find the game,I clicked the repair button and put the exe file of the game in that area, but I still can’t play the game with wemod , but wemod can open game ,Just can’t use the wemod cheater。

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This specific trainer requires an update. You’ll need to vote for it to be updated via the WeMod desktop app. This link explains how: How do I request an update for games? - WeMod Support.

In the future when you have an issue with a specific trainer, please search for the trainer’s official thread and read recent posts before making your own post. Quite often, the answer you’re looking for is already in there. :slight_smile:
Here: Paint the Town Red Cheats and Trainer for Steam.