Cant find the folder for Fallout Shelter

Hello, I am a new member of the community here, so I was trying to use this program called Infinity and I tried to hack my Fallout Shelter game by Bethesda and it just won’t show up anywhere, is there anyone that could help me with this problem?

Windows store version?

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I have it but I am trying to hack the Fallout Shelter that is created by Bethesda, but if I am able to do the Window’s store version that is fine.

Please help me with this, I don’t know what to do.

Okay then I see no one is going to help me figure this out…

The trainer is made for the bethesda launcher version. It shouldn’t be very hard to find the game path.

Launch the trainer after the game if you are unable to find the path.

Sir, I’m afraid I don’t understand much of what you said, can you say it again please?

Click Find Game > Browse to where fallout shelter is installed then click select folder.

So then, would I be in the Fallout folder where all the files are or here the game saves are?

Thank you, it worked now.

I’m having trouble finding the folder for the windows store version. Will that not work?


As @Sproy said, its made for the Bethesda launcher version and not UWP. Just wanted to add something.

You could do like this though, if you got a UWP save already, transfere your file over to Bethesda launcher version.

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Got it working. Thanks mate.

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To be exactly correct when you install Fallout Shelter through the Bethesda Launcher choose a custom file location much easier for Infinity to find it. Because when I first installed Fallout Shelter I just assumed Infinity would find it but that didn’t turn out to be the what happened then I spent the better part of two hours trying to find the game folder before I finally said I’m done I give up and uninstalled it then I went and played some other games for a couple of hours to cool down then reinstalled fallout shelter but this time I chose a custom install location and then Infinity had no trouble finding it then I was so happy.

can you not use the trainer for the win 10 version

Not the UWP Version no.

If you download it from you can get the PC client outside the UWP aka Windows Store platform.

And what about the new Steam Version :

It just came out and we just got word from the dev.

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@Supermaxi8000 Should work now, according to trainer author.

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