Can't Get WeMod to recognize Civ VI

I have Civilization VI from Steam. I have used WeMod in the past with it, but I just got a new laptop and am reinstalling everything. When I installed WeMod, it recognized that I had Civ VI and even told me that it found a game that it has cheats for. But when I click on Play, after a few moments it comes back and says that it can’t find my game. I’ve even chosen to manually add the game per the WeMod instructions and it still didn’t work. Thoughts?

Try opening the game itself first, and then alt+tab out to click “play” on wemod. Then alt+tab back to the game and after a few moments, it should work.


I tried that because that’s how I got it to work in the past. Now whether I start it first or let WeMod start it, the result is the same.