Cant Install Horizon

Every time i go to download Horizon it is a cpl file and should be opened in control panel.

i unblocked the file and i also have the latest .NET Framework.
at one point i started installing horizon but it freezes and then crashes and i tried repeatedly trying to install it but it just crashes?

please help!

EDIT- i managed to start installing it but everytime i do it freezes and the installer crashed

I’m having the same problem. I deleted Horizon awhile ago to save some space, so when I try to download it from the homepage, all I get is some .CPL file and I don’t know what to do with it.

Try the link below guys. It should download and install properly.

Download Latest Horizon:

avg is saying the download is a trojan horse so i didnt install

Its not. Use the link steve posted and you will be safe.

god i love you thanks

Thanks!!! it worked for me

i allways click on it run as administrator but its allways offline.

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