Can't install infinity

I downloaded infinity-setup. I start installing infinity and after it finishes. My computer tells me, you’ll need a new app to open this infinity and gives me the option to go to the app store

Are you using Windows 10 OS ?

Please try to re-install INFINITY from scratch. Do you also get any ERROR message, when you launch the app ?

Make sure to temporarily disable your AntiVirus, as well as any Firewall software on your PC. Remove and delete ALL previous traces of the installed Infinity app on your system (use a REG cleaner tool, if need be).

Go to the following location and path, and manually delete both the “Daring Development” and “Infinity” folders, if they are still there.

C:\Users\Your- Windows USERNAME\AppData\local\Daring Development, as well as C:\Users\Your- Windows USERNAME\AppData\local\Infinity.

Check the TEMP folder as well.

Give this a try. Update to the latest version, once again. Try to re-download INFINITY from this link. The stub should update things:

Apart from the above suggestion, I will also copy/paste my own previous reply here, just for reference, which I posted a while back, under a similar Topic.

That could also be a Windows STORE issue, imo, though I don’t want to jump to any conclusion, as it could not be directly related to your issue…

Is your OS fully updated, as well as properly configured ? Are you getting the following message ?

Did this also happen with the previous version of INFINITY, or just the new version of this tool ?

Can you open and access all OTHER files and programs on your PC, like Winrar, Winzip, Adode reader, Video player etc. ? Do you have full ADMIN rights as well ?

Try to re-download INFINITY from this link:

There are several methods to solve this issue, including registry editing, but I don’t want to go deep into troubleshooting this, as of now, 'cause this could be related to some other thing as well.


IF need be, try to re-register the Windows Store, if necessary. First, perform a system search for powershell, then right click the relevant result and select Run as administrator.

PowerShell is a scripting environment that can be used to automate tasks. Click on Start menu from your desktop.

Input Powershell into the search box, and right click on the top one from results, and select Run as administrator. Input the following and then press Enter, and afterwards restart your PC:

"& {$manifest = (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore).InstallLocation + '\AppxManifest.xml' ; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $manifest}"

If need be, give this link a read, and I’ve also uploaded a Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter for you. May not be necessary in your case, but nonetheless, I’m adding it (just for reference).

Appsdiagnostic10.rar (587 Bytes)

Thanks for the help, its working now

Which part of pdhar’s steps made it work?

the first one and doing exactly what it says

Just reinstalling it?