Can't install Infinity

Infinity win’t install after it tries my computer says I need a new app for it I’m running windows 10 any suggestions?

Ignore the APP message warning, under Windows 10 OS. Launch Infinity by clicking on the desktop’s shortcut.

Do you have a shortcut on your desktop, assuming the software has been fully installed properly ?

It won’t install it says it’s getting data from online then it will pop up with the run app thing but it says I need a new app from the store to run it

Do you have some kind of Firewall/AntiVirus installed and enabled on your OS ? Kindly disable any of these, as they might be blocking the download ?

Is there actually a problem with regards to download, or installing the Infinity software (after it has been downloaded) ?

Use this link to install. Use a different web browser, if need be:

After the dowload I downloaded the install

I had similar problem the first time installing in win10, i had all the default configurations and apps running, not to mention firewall and such, disabling those ugly thingies in Settings > Update and security solve the problem.

All right I’ll try thx.

thanks nick 666 this link worked but the actual website didnt, wierd.