Can't Install Update

For some weird reason it wont let me install the new update

me either

Uninstall the current version you have then download the new one from here.

I too/also cannot Install Update.
Where can I find the Latest Update link?
Have tried “” & get a ‘404 Not Found’.

I wish there was a Direct Link for Diamond Users.

Note: Trying the Auto Update from Previous Version encounters Error & Program Crash.

Cheers, Jim

The latest download link is here:

Are you getting any errors?

I’m not sure what you mean direct link considering the one on the homepage is the most recent up-to-date link.

Have tried from Version Installed: “Horizon has encountered an error & need to close”.
Have Uninstalled Horizon & download “Horizon-Setup.exe” - 12,898 KB from Homepage link.

Horizon has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Note: I am still using Windows XP SP3.

Does Horizon install completely? Does this happen when you click “Launch”?

I cannot guarantee that Horizon will run on Windows XP. Have you considered upgrading? Being on such an old operating system is not secure. Windows XP is almost 15 years old!

Horizon does not Install at all, encounters an immediate error & crashes.
Was aok running “Horizon V2.8.8.0 (Diamond)” on Windows XP up until the latest Update.
(I last used Horizon-Diamond-Online a few weeks ago).

Have occasionally had problems installing in the past, then someone posted a link to Horizon only (No rolled packages included, which the “Horizon-Setup.exe” does have) & Horizon installed perfectly.

Guess I’ll have to buy a new Computer & Upgrade, though seems strange that a few weeks ago Horizon was aok on XPSP3 & now it isn’t.

Cheers, Jim

Hi jimdau,

Here is a zipped version of Horizon:

The zip will not be updated every release.

Thank you Cheater912,
Your help is appreciated.
Horizon V2.8.12.0 is working with no problems, you have got me out of a problem.
(Unzipped “” & am running direct from unzipped location, no problems): If I tried to actually Install, would instantly crash.

So I guess that I will (definitely) have to get a new Updated Computer asap.

Thanking you most graciously.

Cheers, Jim