Can't Install WeMod

I cannot get WeMod to install. It keeps saying “Failed To Extract Installer”. Can you help? I had this on my old computer and it worked fine, and I already have white listed it on my anti-virus.

Which anti virus do you have?

AVG Antivirus Free And I have some malware detector software.

AVG is known to false flag very frequently. You may need to disable it completely to install. I would also recommend finding a different Anti virus, even just malwarebytes free by itself is better than AVG in my honest opinion :+1:

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Ok I will do that. Thank You!

Agree with @Instinct. I used to have AVG but it kept giving false positives and hogged more system resurces than a sensible antivirus actually needs.
I now use Avast, which takes just two clicks to disable from the taskbar if I need to. Haven’t had an issue with it blocking WeMod.