Can't launch game

I’m trying to launch Enter the Gungeon, and it doesn’t load. I just get a pink screen.

You need to provide MORE details. What are your PC specs ? Which OS do you have (build/version number) ?

Can you post a Screenhot of the above pink Screen ? Is there any ERROR code as well ?

Never heard anyone else complain about this issue. What all other supported games do you have installed on INFINITY ?

What is the source of your game (STEAM, GOG, Cracked/pirated copy, or some other version) ? Provide the exact name of the game’s EXE (executable file), as well as the folder directory and path.

Try to attach and run Infinity, after the game level has been fully loaded. First, launch the game via STEAM, or otherwise.

After that, once the game level has been loaded, just ALT+TAB back to your desktop and start Infinity. Click on the START GAME button to switch back to the game.

When the icon says “End Game”, this means the trainer has been activated. Kindly disable any Anti-Virus/Firewall, on a temporary basis.

Download and re-install the latest version of Infinity, v2.0.

These are the trainer NOTES for this game, on how to use the cheats properly:

Unlimited Ammo: Shoot first before using ammo/no reload.

Unlimited Health: Get hit first before activating this cheat.

Unlimited Blanks: Use at least one blank first before using this cheat.