Can't Link Uplay Games

I recently got some assassins creed games on Uplay (Specifically Syndicate and Unity) but Infinity didn’t detect them so i tried dragging both of their icons to the fix thing, it didn’t do anything. Then I tried linking the .exe but it just said “catastrophic failure.” Then I decided to reinstall but the same things happened. I have my windows defender and antivirus stuff off but it hasn’t worked.
Does anyone know how to fix it?

Just pick the folder not the exe should work like that

which folder?

The base game folder.

Picking the folder is not a thing anymore Ptondo!

You have to select the exe or drag your shortcut into infinity.
Go to sleep man!

@Seeqa what AV are you using?

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Who the hell changed it ? Wtf. All these changes hard to keep up

uhhh… since v4 came out that was the thing… been a long time like this now…

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Sorry I didn’t speak, went somewhere. Not quite sure what an AV is. Thanks.