Can't log in(China)

I can’t log in. Just like the pictures I posted, there was no problem before. Now it can be used normally only through VPN, and I see that many Chinese players in domestic forums have my problems

Please make sure WeMod is added as an exception in your antivirus.

Unfortunately the Chinese “Great Firewall of China” and its ridiculously excessive censorship causes problems for Chinese nationals trying to use most western gaming services, not just WeMod. The Chinese authorities have throttled Chinese Citizen’s connections to western communities. You’re probably not aware of this due to media censorship there too. I’ll put some western article links below, you’ll probably need a VPN to see them.

You can try the instructions in this thread: I can’t Install WeMod
Unfortunately, using a VPN is probably your best resolution when using WeMod.

thanks,It’s back to normal today