Cant login on horizon


What happens when you attempt to sign-in? Are you prompt with any error messages/codes?

It could well be that you’re not able to connect to the server. I would recommend reading through this guide created by Pavman.

Oh yeah… and to state the obvious, passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure you’re not logging/typing everything in with caps-lock on, like you were when you posted this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

autologin/login im putting in my login and password and I keep getting username/password combination incorrect!.. but when I go to the website it works perfectly

Noted. Have you followed the above procedure to allow Horizon access through your antivirus program/OS firewall?

how do I do that sorry kind of new to this…and I just purchased diamond does that help with anything

Do you happen to have TeamViewer downloaded? If you do, I’ll happily see what I can do to help you out, although I would recommend that you check out this topic - all is explained clearly there.

Diamond membership provides you with access to premium tools on Horizon and premium features on the forum. I don’t believe it would have an effect on your ability to log-in on the program, though.

disabled fw still not working… ran as admin still cant login…sorry no teamviewer

I even deleted and redownloaded horizon and it still wont let me log in

I would suggest that you disable your antivirus temporarily, change your password and then attempt to run Horizon as administrator. If the problem persists, let me know.

ok will do

still wont work dont know what else to do bro been trying all day…i followed all the steps i can signin to the webpage but the horizon modding…i keep entering the same exact thing

Are you still logging in with “Autologin” still checked?

Can you download and PM me your details for TeamViewer? Thanks.

no its not checked

im downloading teamviewer now… I pray we can get this working

got teamviewer downloaded what do I do next