Can't mod "State of Decay"

I bought diamond membership just so I can mod State of Decay. Just as an example, in game I only have 40 influence. I went into the horizon modding tool to change it to 100. I save, rehashed, and resigned. I then put my flash drive back into my Xbox. I started the game. I pressed ‘Continue’. I then looked at my influence in which said ‘40’. Please help with this issue as soon as possible. Issues like this are extremely annoying and make me want a refund for my diamond membership.

Did you change/update the game save timestamp in the tool to a future date?

Make sure the timestamp is set to a date above the current date, e.g: the current date is the first of march(01/03/2015); change it to (02/03/2015).

The timestamp setting is in with the ‘Main’ tab.

Unknown v2,
I am also having an issue with state of decays modding tool, however its only pertaining to its health and stamina bars, previously when state of decay first came out I was able to mod both health and stamina to an infinite state, however I am no longer able to do that. was this do to a title update or am I messing up somewhere. (I did change timestamp ahead one day, and made sure to max the Stat. character sections as well as the characters main health and stamina).

Have you tried without any TU installed?

that was my next plan but im not exactly sure how to remove the update that’s what im working on right now.

the problem im running into is that the console I have now is not the same I had when I purchased state of decay and im not sure if itll let me play offline even after setting the license transfer.

Are you able to run/start the game? If you do the license transfer, it should work, otherwise some DLC/games require you to play only online.

I got it to work unknown v2 thank you for your help I know you get a lot of questions. My system didn’t do a correct license transfer I redid it and reinstalled and was able to get it to work.