Can't open or install

i’ve had infinity for months now and i’ve never had a problem with it. i wanted to open it today and now my BitDefender starts throwing it away like its a problem… i can’t get infinity to re install. i keep getting “there was an error while installing the application. check the setup log for more information and contact the author”. what do i do?

Get rid of bit defender or completely disable it. They decided Infinity was dangerous and blocked it.

thats just dumb. its never given me this problem before. thank you

It came out of the blue. I thought we had that fixed with them but I guess not or they added it again.

i dont wanna get rid of it, so ill find out how to disable it

You can’t.
Bitdefender forces itself to always stay open as self protection

i figured, i just disbaled it, and it still gives me the setup error