Can't run any game

I try turning my cracked assassin’s creed origins and fifa 18 in the infinity launcher and it says " we have trouble finding or starting your opened game". When i open the game from the desktop icon it works but the cheats don’t.

wemod should make a Star Wars: The Old Republic trainer

@CrosbyCZ Buy games if you want things to work.

@Maxwolff Very wrong way of requesting trainers and you can forget about MMOs.

He just a spammer here

hey sorry

Didn’t even see the other posts then. Bad @Maxwolff, very bad.

Heard it worked for cracked games, sorry for wasting your time.

Sometimes it does but usually not.

I’m just saying they have kotor so they should have swtor

Kotor is a singleplayer game as far as I can tell. It has to be playable offline.

i guess so but they can make it

It is not up for debate, they don’t want to get legal trouble so they stay away from it. And if they did suddenly make online trainer they would need to charge for it, no point in using the current system if the entire thing will get shut down shortly afterwards.

Like this mess for example: