Can't Save Cheats For a long time

It seems that I can’t use the function “Save Cheats” cuz it always shut itself down. I really need this function but it seems cannot last long. Plz fix this bug.

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Which game are you having this issue with? And which store did you buy the game from (or is it cracked/pirated)?

And could you be more specific on what you mean by “it shuts itself down”? WeMod crashes? The game crashes? Your PC crashes? The cheats turn off?

I have tested this on three different games, and I am not having the same issue as you. And nobody else has reported this.

I wasn’t talking about the game but the software itself.

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Function you provide for players to save cheats often shuts for a period of time. Some cheats which include a lot of function cannot be saved & used by players.

You have the option to save mods automatically disabled. You either need to enable it for each game manually or enable auto-saving.

I don’t know the switch “auto-saving” you mentioned in your reply.
I turned on the switch in “settings”, but it is disabled for no reason automatically. I asked other players, and they had the same issue.

So when you enable it (Save Mods) in the settings, it automatically disables itself?


Have you clicked no on this popup? I’m not having issues with it disabling itself, and I could only see that happening if you are reinstalling the app or clicking no on that popup.

I clicked the pop-up, but the issue still exists.

If you click no, it is going to turn it off.

Sorry, I meant I clicked “yes”

Does it turn off immediately?

No, it turns off a moment later, usually several hours.

Is it after you close WeMod and open it again?

Yes, but not exit the software, just leave it background.