Can't seem to add new files in horizon

Everytime I try to edit something, lets say a gamerprofile for example. I was trying to replace or add a GPD into the profile, but whenever I drag it into it, a message pops up saying “invalid signature type detected for the loaded package.” I then try to right click and use insert new file option then this message appears " object reference not set to an instance of an object". I’m really confused right now as this happens to editing saves as well. What exactly is the problem here and what am I doing wrong? Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Invalid signature type detected for the loaded package - This means it’s not a valid STFS File. STFS is the general archive format used on Xbox. It’s Read Only and write.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object - This means the save or .GPD is corrupt, try using another .GPD/Save.

Post back once you have tried another save/gpd, if that fails, I will help you more in depth.

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Okay, I’ve tried to Insert a save from dragon’s dogma into horizon it gives me the same error saying “invalid package”. When I try to replace the GPD for Borderlands 2 it gives me the same “invalid package” error as well. I tried with multiple GPDs for Borderlands 2.

You have to right click on the file you want to replace, and select replace. When you drag the file into Horizon, it tries to open it as an STFS package, which GPDs are not.

What if the GPD for the game I want doesn’t exist in the first place and I’m just trying to add a new one? The replace function doesn’t seem to work for that.

Select insert or something along those lines.

You cannot drag and drop non-STFS files. To inject new files, right click an empty spot inside the Package Manager’s ‘Contents’ tab and select “Insert New File…”

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Im having a problem where ill replace my game save on borderlands 2 with another save and it says it was successfully replaced but it doesnt do anything to it how do i fix this i have put my account onto my usb and i have tried using different usbs but it still doesnt work. help pls

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