Can't sign into my account/

Anybody else having this trouble? I was signing in fine all day and now it won’t leave me :anguished:

You’re not alone buddy. I seem to be experiencing sign-in issues with the Xbox One, and I can only assume other players are being prompt with the same error code. I’m hoping this isn’t another one of Lizard Squad’s blatantly pointless and idiotic attacks on the servers, again… :expressionless:

Happening to me and two friends of mine, so something is going on.

Scratch that. I’m capable of signing in now and I seem to be able to access Xbox Live features again.

Working here, too.

If either of you two wish to play on the Xbox One, go ahead and message The man 29447. I’m going to play some GTA V and I’ll probably play some other games shortly as well.

I always check this if I think there’s a problem:

Seems there’s problems for some, mine’s been fine today.