Can't start 3-day Trial via App

Hey there,

ich cant start the 3-days-trial via the “wemod” app. when i chose the payment method a window opens and close immediately and i get the message “there was a problem updating your payment method”. What to do?

The billing via webpage is a way more expensive (2,92EUR to 5.00 EUR) :roll_eyes:

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Hello and welcome to WeMod. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re trying to use PayPal?

  1. Make sure your WeMod account is confirmed. You should have received an email confirmation when you registered. If you haven’t confirmed your account then I’d assume payments will fail for security reasons.

  2. Disable your antivirus/firewall temporarily and try again. The outgoing connection to the payment server might be getting blocked by your antivirus/firewall If this resolves it then make sure to add WeMod as an exception in your antivirus/firewall afterwards.

  3. If those don’t help, consider getting in touch with support directly via Payments are considered to be personal information, so it’s not ideal to discuss it too much in a public forum.

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