Cant Start Trainer

Ive had this issue for Pay Day 2, when ever I click play it opens the game but gives me this message

‘There was a problem starting the trainer. Your game version may not be compatible. You can also try again at a different point in your game’. I have uninstalled pay day 2 and reinstalled it but it still is giving me this error,I’ve got a friend that runs it fine on the same version that I am on.

What antivirus are you running? First thing to check is if this folder is added to its exception list: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\WeMod. Also try adding a custom install for the game:


The Steam game .exe for PAYDAY 2 is here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2\payday2_win32_release.exe.

Let me know if either of these methods fix your issue :slight_smile:

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Yeah none of those worked but i searched around and found there a a single file that didnt match so i deleted it and all works fine now. Thanks for the help anyways


Glad you got it figured out!

what file?
my problem is same cant run trainer for payday2

There was probably a mod file in the game directory somewhere. If you’re running mods beside WeMod, then I would either delete them or put them in the recycle bin.

someone please help it says the same thing for me and idk what to do its fine for other games but it wont start for payday2

Did you legit buy the game ?
Not trying to use it online ?

yea i bought the game

Make sure you load a offline mission and see should be working

i cant even start it it says game not combatable or try at a different point in the game

help me

Start the game through Steam then alt-tab and click play once the game has fully loaded. If you are using any other mods WeMod will not work.

can we get in a fidc call and ill share my screen and can you walk me through it

i dont have any mods except for super blt

You can’t have any other mods.

but when i delete it i have to install it to play it on we mod

What do you mean you have to install it? You need to delete any other mods you are using the delete iphlpapi.dll