Can't uninstall The Divsion Beta Windows 10

I am having some difficulty uninstalling Tom Clancy’s The Divsion. It was downloaded from the uPlay site but it downloaded through the Steam client. Now the Beta is over I want to uninstall it, only thing is… I can’t!

uPlay is not displaying the game as installed anymore, it only lets me “Hide” the game and under the Steam library, it also isn’t showing up under the “Installed” section. Now if I go to {Settings>System>C/:>Apps & Games>The Divsion>Uninstall} it then asks me too confirm, I select ‘Yes’, then it will automatically launch Steam and then nothing happens, it won’t uninstall or take me to its location.

Any advice?

Going to the directory and removing it manually should work. Might leave some steam/uplay bugs though (like uplay/steam showing it as installed)

Well it’s still taking up HDD space that is how I know it hasn’t been removed. I thought it would of been removed using the method you are speaking about but for some reason it won’t.

Just in case I could be looking in the wrong place, where would you look for it?

No idea, I played the beta on ps4. You could try searching for “division” in your storage drive directory (like “C:”) and if you find any files, right click them and press “open file location” (might be named something else).