Can't update

I can’t get Horizon to update i’ve tried everything…

Hi, use this download:

Happy New Year btw!

Ive tried tht link and it won’t open after its downloaded.

Right click on the installer, and select properties, look for the unblock button in the lower right corner and click it.

That should solve your problem. Good luck.

ok i did that and it started to install but i got an error from the microsoft .net framework sp1…it wont load…

Make sure you have .Net Framework 3.5 installed. If you don’t have it for some reason, download it from the link below and install it. You should have it, though. So you may want to uninstall it and do a fresh install of it.

.Net Framework 3.5:

well that didn’t work either an even chatted with microsoft tech support my pc will not install the framwork net sp1…i am very frustrated.

Have you had Horizon working on this PC recently? If you have, you should have .Net 3.5 on it already. You should go to your control panel, go to programs, go to programs & features, now click on Turn Windows Features on or Off, you will find this on the top left of your screen and it will have a shield next to it, a box should pop up, look and see if it shows that you have 3.5, if it does, make sure it’s turned on. Check that and let us know.

it 3.5 an 4.0 but its not installed an 4.0 wont repair an i cant remove them to start over…i never had any trouble with horizion before this is so frustrating…

they are both showing in the programs an features but 4.0 needs repair an it won’t repair…and both wont uninstall

You should only need need 3.5 for Horizon to run. Try uninstalling 4.0, and then try installing .Net 4.5.1 from here: