Capture device and Xbox One help

Im trying to basically display my Xbox One Screen on my fuji-film real 3d fine pix camera to record with it. But if I need a capture card, would the Xbox one need to download a driver or no?

Why not just use the built in Xbox one DVR?

Because My camera can do better quality and does more than 5 min. at a time plus I have the Xbox One dvr won’t record the oneguide tv when it’s my Xbox 360. I also have many more reasons to use my camera.

You can record longer than 5 minutes with the xbox one. As for the question though no you don’t need the drivers as there is no such thing for xbox one.

Why can’t you see I don’t want to use my Xbox One to record. Also I’d have to use twitch and my computer to record longer videos or use upload studio or pull off a glitch. Also lastly, the game dvr won’t record live tv which I currently have my 360 plugged into which is what I want to record.

So when I plug that device into the usb, the Xbox One wouldn’t need to download a driver for the camera?


All I did was point out that you can record longer than 5 minutes after you saying you can’t. I also continued to answer your original question.

You cannot download drivers on the xbox one so even if it had to you are out of luck. More than likely you are going to need a capture card unless your camera has a video in.

It has an av out port and an micro hdmi port which I assume is in. I got a cord that converts a micro hdmi to an hdmi port. So all I was curious is what Id need next. Xboxsupport says capturecards couldn’t install into the Xbox one, so I’ll need to rely on my camera.

@sNaKe I just saw what you did there. Lol.

How do you record more than 5 minutes using DVR pls show me man.

Pretty sure you go into the game DVR and click stop recording and then record last 30 min i did it when i made a bo3 montage of me getting gold and dark matter

Mine only goes to last 5 minutes ;-;

hehe, after doing some googling i found this thread with a ton of kids complaining about how the 5 min cap is the only thing stopping them from becoming famous “you tubers”.

The thread itself isn’t “retarded” but most of the replies’ are.

go click on snakes thread, and it’ll be top post where I explained how. Enjoy.

@sNaKe Yeah, i saw. I left a decent post so if microsoft see’s they’ll know I’m thinking of selling my xbox one that is extremely limited and buying an third party console/computer. It’s pretty awesome and actually what I want.

But this can be locked now as I still don’t have an answer and being spammed more than it should.

The specs on those are pretty bad though. You are bringing a knife to a #pcmasterrace

I have to agree with this. $500 a PC stuck in a custom case with terrible specs. I hope you don’t want to play above low settings.