Car cigarette lighter iPod player?

Is there something you can plug into your car cigarette lighter and then plug your iPod into that and it will play music through your speakers? I mean, I have heard of stuff like that, like FM transmitters, but I am confused about it. I really don’t want to keep burning these damn CDs, and I definitely don’t want to buy a new deck right now.

Yes FM Transmitter,All You Have To Do Is Plug It In,Tune To The Selected Station And Wallah!
-It Has One End For You’re Ipod Other For Car.

Not through your cig thing.
But what it is, is a little device that plugs into the bottom and has a preset station. Then on your radio you tune to that station and Boom! Your music.

Car FM transmittors all use the Cig lighter to turn on. I had several before I got my deck with the USB built in. If you go buy a FM Trans. then you simply plug one end into your cig lighter… the other end (sometimes an entire piece attach to bottom of ipod/iphone or a dock which plugs to your ipod. Select radio station on the device(probably very few stations) and yea.

You can not get it to play directly through the cigarette lighter then through the speakers. What you want is an FM transmitter, that plugs into and gets power from your cigarette lighter. Then do as stated and tune to the transmitter.

But doing this, you get dodgy audio quality if you have a decent sound system. So I would recommend a head unit with ipod capability. If you care at all about the quality.

Most FM Transmitters I’ve used have been trash (even the “higher-end” ones). But they do work, and the majority of other people I’ve talked to about them have only had good things to say.

If your car has a cassette player, you can also buy a cassette adapter that plugs right into any MP3 player.

I still use CDs. I would say the quality is unparalleled.

Well decks for my car are a joke, not to mention I don’t have much money. Thanks guys. Maxxy will lock now.

Very true. Comparing my 4 different FM transmitters to my USB built in my deck… I get almost no bass with my FM trans. and it’s not that very good quality; even thou i have a trans from 20$ to 80$ is my most expensive one. If you’re keeping your car and plannig on upgrading it… Changing deck is best. If you don’t mind; using a FM radio trans is your best option… Here’s a pic of one of the most common transmitters…
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