CaRBoN's Free MW2 XP lobbies >OPEN<

Lobby Status: CLOSED

About my Lobby:

We Host our MW2 Lobbies Everyday on a Free for all or Demolition match on public. we are open to the Public and all we ask for is that you thank the topic and like it and post to keep it alive so everybody that wants to Get 10th gets it

How to Join Our Lobbies:
To join our lobbies just simply Join session off my i provided Below the post and please do not spam me

Co Host- x CaRBoNv (me)

message either one of us

Video Proof of one of the Lobbies
YouTube - Hosting Free 10th on MW2 as of 1/16/11 ((Daily)) ((Xbox360))

How the Lobby works:
Once you are in the lobby and the game starts up you simply either grenade yourself or kill yourself and you will Get about 2.5 Million XP and this will bump your rank right up to level 70!

Once you have done this Back out and Prestiege!

((Now since this is free once you prestiege it is up to you to try and join back because are games fill up pretty quickly since we can only hold up to 8 people a game so when your back out you might not be able to join back right away

yo sent you a message

Hes legit here is a video to prove it

Good luck but proof is bettre if shown.

ok sorry guys im appearing online now my appolgies

Nice Dude these are the one’s that you Kill yourself with a Granade right?

Thanks for helping out the Com. dude I Might be doing one Later myself so if you start getting way too many messege’s then Messege me on here and I Will help you get people in by my game : )

Good Luck.

I messaged you, Rainb0wUn1corn but your appearing offline

aii thx bro

I don’t need it but nice of you to do this for the community.


Sorry i’m on wrong acc ill go on my other acc MRU x Brad

Thank you im just helping out:thumbsup:

while are you offline?

Edit:hes not hosting.

Helped you out press thanks :smile: hes appearing online just he had privacy settings

He is hes just trying to get host
EDIT: Hes hosting im in


oh ok,i guess ill never get in :anguished:

Can anyone invite Angels of hope if you get a chance? would be great.

You will, he’s trying to get host again

We are Done Hosting for now we will be Hosting again! dont forget to Thank topic and give sum feedback

we are back open! when you join get ur xp and leave please to keep space open =)