I’m not sure about some of you, but cars are my passion. I love all cars, everything they’re about, everything they stand for. From the industry right down to the actual car. I could talk about the industry or actual cars for hours, and I figure this forum could use a thread for the topic.

I’m going to post some pictures I have taken, and I will be visiting Elite Autos, LLC during the Christmas break. They are one of the country’s most exotic dealerships, and they are located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, of all places. Which is about 2.5 hours from me. I will be photographing the vehicles they have in inventory, it will be a great sight, that’s for sure.
For replies, you are free to:

  • Post pictures you have taken, unlimited amount. Keep privacy rules.
  • Discuss a favorite vehicle of yours, along with ONE picture from the web.
  • Discuss future builds, and the current industry.


[size=20]What you MUST do:

  • Keep the discussions professional and focused.
  • Avoid spamming and flaming.
  • Respect others’ views and opinions.
  • Back yourself up.


When it comes to this topic, there is an unruly amount to discuss. It is a very broad topic, and there are some very interesnting and informative discussions to be had. My knowledge and opinion ranges alot as well, so anything is welcome. I encourage all of you to watch a series on YouTube called Fast Lane Daily, they are very informative, and they keep it fresh everyday, go check them out.

Here are a few pictures I took on a trip to Indiana for a wedding this Summer, I will add more as time goes on:

If anyone would like to start a topic, feel free! I’m looking forward to see what Lotus can produce in the near future, with 5 new models coming out in the next few years! Also, the importation of Tata group into the United States should prove to be very interesting. Thanks for contributing!

My personal favorite cars.
Toyota Supra

Open Me

Mazda RX-7

Open Me

And a few others I’ll add later such at the Nissan Silva.

Supra and RX7… the everyday normal “i like JDMS…rx7 and supra!” they are nice; i give them that. lolvo; I love you for this thread.

I love your car!

i got a 69 shelby gt 500 fastback it in the shop right now getting a new paint job its gonna be a metallic black with a dark candy purple with silver racing stripes

i will post pics when it gets out

I want this car. No not the real one… This one

Lol this is a joke obviously but on the serious side, my dad was like a few hundred dollars short of getting a Plymouth Roadrunner when he was a teenager but he couldn’t get the money. I forgot the year but it would be worth a fortune nowadays :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not too much of a car enthusiast though. I would be content with buying just a Mustang when I am older. Not the crappy 4th generation (I think) ones. I want something like a GT where you can tell it’s a mustang as soon as you see the big-ass grill :laughing:


Damn thats sexy!

Dodge Stealth RT - Twin Turbo - one of my various dream cars:

Mazda RX-8: A car I almost bought but decided not to:

Hyundai Tuscani:

Ford Mustang Modified:

Dodge Challenger SRT-8

440 big block:


skyline R34 GT all the way The r34 is my dream car along with with a 1969 Camaro.

Open Me

I’m thinking about getting a degree in engineering and yes cars are my life to I Love them i grew up on racing games so that’s why i love cars so much

My uncle has a 1969 roadrunner i went to the dream cruise in it that was a fun year.

What happens when you have to go over a speed-bump? :laughing:

u flip a b**ch and go the other way

Nissan 350Z:

2010 Hyundai Genesis:


Viper SRT-10:

Porsche and Audi’s:

These cars are all from around my area in Ottawa, Ontario.

my friend is buying a r34 GT. you jelly?

Pontiac Solstice:

Chevy Corvette:

Lexus not sure:

Corvette Stingray:

Nissan 350Z Convert:

Lexus something once again:

The Subs I bought for my Buick ;D:

Orange Nissan 350Z:

Porsche Turbo:

Viper SRT-10:

[details=Open Me]

All pics taken by me. years ago

Loaded 2 pcitures for me >.<

I got 3 pics?

After about 10 minutes of trying to get it to work I Got It To Work hehe :cry:

Just got my permit, check out this bad boy.