CASH DROPPER - Can you get banned/lose money for picking up money?

One of my friends has been dropped about 30 million in total and I was just wondering if you can get caught if you get dropped money, or what are the odds of getting caught and if caught will you be banned, lose money that was dropped or lose all money?


Are these guise still around?


Yep, I’m curious to know cause I wouldn’t mind getting some more cash I’m just curious if I will lose it all

Getting a suspension or ban relies entirely upon how much money you get meaning how greedy you are in the money drop lobby. Those who aren’t greedy with it have a less chance of being banned than those who don’t, If your friend got 30 million at once then he may be suspended or banned. Suspension usually last about 2 weeks and you usually keep all the money, for later violation i’ve heard that you could be perma banned from XBL or GTA services.

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