Castle Crashers

I found some of these as well. Hope it helps:

not sure if cheat engine tables help but what helps is a list of features you would like to see, such as unlimited HP

But the cheat table provides the AoB scan and/or the exact addresses…

1337337 gold
Inf. HP
Unlimited Everything (all inventory items)

Clever way to spam.

@Hawk He’s not interested in a trainer but to link to his site.

@newagesoldier Please stop.

Would you rather I link to a cheat table from somewhere else? If you want me to upload it to mega I can. It was just already sitting in my folder of cheat tables. aka (domain)/myfiles/CheatTables/(game).CT

I like the idea of Infinity. An all in one trainer, I just wanted to help…!sIIDlC6T!inZMoYWqQIrIjmE0Q32ED4iNovyv9ZHKRLhUoruLFrI

I don’t think they use cheat engine to make theirs, I could be wrong, I don’t know anything about it

@STN I’m not sure they understood what you meant by Stop

@Hawk If you open the cheat table with notepad you can see the addresses inside, or if you load it in to cheat engine you can see the addresses. Except in this table it’s an AoB scan which shows the array of bytes to locate the address. But my other one was the address locations.

Regardless of what tools they use I’m giving the location of those addresses so no one has to try to search for them.

@newagesoldier I don’t understand, do you want us to make a trainer for these games or just helping out if we ever to make a trainer for those?

If its the latter, thank you but we don’t need any help. The team is more than capable.

If you would like to join the team however and release your own trainers in infinity, you are very welcome and should contact @frank or @zach Because we do need help with making trainers for every game out there which is the goal of infinity and the more man-power, the better.

@Hawk He was creating a lot of similar topics which i ended up deleting. So i told him to stop.

Thanks STN. Not sure how to message @frank or @zach though. My account is new and is limited on sending messages? It just says “you have made too many posts today”.

I can also do PS3 RTM’s if needed.

Click on frank’s name, you should see the big message button. I don’t think there are any limitations on new users for PMs. He is away for a week or more so might take him time to reply.

when trying to press send:

email from support:

just wait a few hours then,

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does any body have the profile id for castle crashers